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Riley Keough
Paper Magazine, April 2008

With her rock royalty lineage, Riley Keough is remarkably un-famous. Because even though the 18-year-old model had a grandfather more celebrated than all the Hiltons and Richies put together, dates a Simpson-sister's ex and has been a face for a Christian Dior fragrance and ready-to-wear campaigns, she has yet to fall into the fold of gratuitous partying and the paparazzi culture that inevitably stalks behind. "I guess it's just personalities," she says. "Also, I think because I grew up in Los Angeles, I've been around it my whole life. You know? There's nothing new and exciting about it to me and I could see how it would be really easy to get caught up in something like that if it was new to you. That's not to say I don't go out. I'm a night person 100 percent. I'm just not insane about it." Plus, it helps that her mom, Lisa Marie Presley, and dad, musician Danny Keough, have been pretty protective of Riley since she started modeling for Tommy Hilfiger at 12. "Both my parents are really caring," she says. "I was never allowed to run around and do whatever I wanted to do. If my daughter wanted to be a model I would never let her!" So what is the self-proclaimed night person usually doing at, say, 2 a.m.? "Either watching a movie, hanging out with my friends somewhere, or sleeping," she says. Good girl. Grandpa Elvis can rest easy.