...claudine ko

These Guys Are Paid to Please You
Jane, October 2003

Claudine Ko gets a job at Club med, where the staffers go through condoms like pens.

It's after midnight and I'm sitting on the sidelines at Club Med Turkoise's open-air nightclub in the Turks and Caicos Islands. "Gracious organizer" Warren, 29, a sleepy-eyed, brown-haired sound engineer, confides to me over drinks, "An old lady at the bar asked me, 'Can I take a picture of your cock? Come on, you're a G.O.'" A few feet away, a mob of women in miniskirts outnumbers a frat party of sunburned men 2-to-1 as they grind to Sean Paul's "Shake That Thing."

"They think you're a piece of meat," Warren continues. "Kind of like the way men treat ladies." (More...)